Is man’s best friend the best option for your home security?

Man’s Best Friend vs. Monitored Security System

There are many options when it comes to keeping your family safe and your home secure from intruders. We often hear, “I have a dog, I don’t need an alarm.” But, how do you protect your pet when you aren’t home? In recent news, two stories in particular have our attention.

In the first story, Droggie the pit bull dog protected his owner from an attacker while they were on a walk in California. The dog did a good job of protecting his owner. However, in the second story the ending was quite different. Tragically in North Carolina, Marley the German Shepard was shot and killed by an intruder while the homeowner was at work. We love dogs and cats, and all pets for that matter (take a look at our Facebook page). Who is going to protect them from intruders? A monitored security system is the ideal solution for protecting your loved ones (human and four-legged) while you’re away from home. Let’s hope that no one else has to experience a loss like Jonsie Duke did.

Here are Droggie’s and Marley’s stories.


A pit bull is being heralded as a hero after he sprang into action when police said a screwdriver-wielding man attacked his owner while on a walk in California.

The 50-pound red-nose pit bull named “Droggie” was out for a walk with his owners and their other dog when a man walked past them over the weekend.

“We noticed that he turned around and started walking back towards us,” the victim of the attack, who wished to not be identified for his safety, explained.

“Right when we came into contact with him he stood on my side, he pulled out a screwdriver and he just started slashing, trying to hit me,” he continued. “He got me a couple of times on my left shoulder, nothing too serious though, just punctured my skin, that was all.”

At that moment, Droggie stepped in to protect his family.

“He started biting him on the butt, I believe, and then he moved on to his leg and the guy fell,” the victim described. “And as I stood up my mom started screaming for me to run and that’s exactly what I did.”

He said Droggie gave him the seconds he needed to get up and run, ultimately saving his life. Authorities caught the suspect moments later and said there is no motive for the attack.

“It looks like it might have just been been a mistaken identity,” Rudy Lopez with the West Covina Police Department said.

Back home, Droggie was treated for a minor cut and has been rewarded for his bravery.

“We’ve been throwing him treats like no tomorrow,” the victim joked.

Alleged attacker Jason Perez now faces a charge of attempted murder and his bail was set at $1 million.



Franklin County, NC deputies are investigating after a dog was shot to death during a home break-in in Louisburg.

Deputies said they’ve been working non-stop this weekend on the case.

Right now, there are no suspects, but the Moulton Road homeowner is doing everything she can to get justice for her dog.

“I just really want to find who did this to my dog,” Jonsie Duke told WNCN.

Duke, who is a registered veterinary technician, has been living in her Louisburg home for several years.

“It was just me by myself, my dog Marley, my German Shepard, and all of my kitty cats,” said Duke, who has five cats.

After getting off work Friday, Duke said she got her 3-year-old German Shepard Marley some toys and quickly headed home.

“My door was slightly cracked open,” Duke said.  “For some reason I didn’t think too much about it.”

She said that changed very quickly.

“I saw that my TV was missing and my living room had been ransacked,” Duke said.

As Duke kept walking she said she noticed more things missing, another TV, an XBox, and Marley.

“I saw there was blood all over the shower curtain, and it was shut,” Duke said. “When I opened the shower curtain he was dead in the bathtub.”

Duke said Marley had been shot in the chest. One of her cats, Phil, was also injured.

“They robbed me,” she said. “They could’ve just left him in my bedroom and took everything. They didn’t have to kill him.”

Marley is now buried in the backyard along with his favorite blanket and toys. Phil, the cat, was missing for a while, but was finally found and is now limping and shaken up, Duke said.

Marley’s story has gone viral. Duke has gone to social media and shared this story with #JusticeforMarley.

Duke said she has heard from people across the United States, Europe and as far as Japan, all sending their condolences.