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Raleigh Security ProductsFor years, Simon has been the first name in affordable and reliable security. Now it carries on that legacy with even stronger performance and greater simplicity. Simon is a compact system that is both easy to operate and install. Because it’s wireless it installs in hours, not days – with no mess, no wires, no dust or imposition.

The Simon security package gives you a security panel that offers multiple zones of intrusion and fire protection that complies with SIA False Alarm Standards. Each panel has a built-in talking touchpad, siren, and status speaker for use in the home as well as Live Interactive Voice Response technology that allows you to speak with an operator at the central station.

Even more control – Only the Simon offers an option talking touchpad to serve a back door or master bedroom. You can enter commands and hear feedback from the wireless touchpad, making it very easy to use.

Communication is easy with Live Interactive Voice Response technology – In the event of an emergency, this feature allows you to talk and listen to your monitoring operator without pressing any buttons. No hassles, no confusion, just effective communication.

Less worry for working parents – Parents need to know that their children are home safely from school. If a child does not disarm the system within a scheduled time, Simon will call your telephone or pager to let you know.

System control to carry with you – Simon offers a pushbutton control that you can carry on a keychain or keep bedside.

Remote telephone control – Monitor and control your security from any touchtone phone!

The Simon security system monitors your home 24 hours a day, providing advance warning of any threat to your family’s safety. When a sensor detects and emergency, the signal goes out immediately to the central monitoring station, which sends proper authorities rushing to the scene.

There are several options available that include starter packages with motion sensors (including pet immunity) and keychain touchpads. Additional modules are sold separately to custom design the security system that is right for you.


The Concord is powerful, expandable security with full-feature coverage for intrusion and fire detection that complies with SIA False Alarm Standards. Both easy to install and simple to use, Concord’s modular design and advanced software provide outstanding system flexibility to meet the needs of virtually and residential security application.

Family members can’t remember access codes? With the Concord’s code-free keychain touchpads make system operation easy for everyone. Turn the system on and off with the touch of a button, from inside or outside the house.

You Are Never Alone – With almost any type of emergency (fire, intrusion or personal), the system is designed to instantly respond automatically or with the touch of a button.

Added Safety – The advanced chime feature informs you when a door or window is opened – so you’ll know if your toddler has slipped out the backdoor.

Less Worry For Working Parents – Parents need to know when their children are home safely from school. If a child does not disarm the system within a scheduled time, the system will call your pager to let you know.

Keep Safe From Environmental Threats – Carbon monoxide, smoke, heat, water and freeze sensors can detect when danger is present and automatically respond by calling for emergency assistance.

Proven Quality. Affordable Price – For many people, the cost of sophisticated security seems too high – or the quality of a budget system is too low. Reliable, easy-to-use security has never been more affordable. The Concord system is tailored to meet your needs. Start off with the basic system and expand it as your needs change. Extra power is built in, so you can add more protection without being forced to buy a more expensive system.

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